Why us

Why Us

We will provide the support required for both Complex Care, Non-complex Care and Live-in Care and the flexibility to adapt the package to suit any potential change in the level of care needed.

Your Care Solution:

  • Referral made to MCS Healthcare

  • Initial assessment (telephone or face to face)

  • Agreement to commence package

  • Start date agreed

  • Full assessment and care plan completed by a MCS Healthcare Nurse or case manager and client

  • Package starts

Our Promise:

  • We will review you package of care a minimum of every 3 months

  • You will have a dedicated Nurse or Case Manager

  • You will have to opportunity to speak to the Registered Manager regularly

  • We will ask for your feedback frequently

  • We will supply highly trained staff

We strive to exceed the CQC's "Good" rating standards. 

Our approach includes:

1. Professional and Experienced Staff: We ensure that our care teams are composed of highly trained and skilled professionals with the expertise required to meet complex care needs.

2. Person-Centred Care: We place a strong emphasis on person-centred care, tailoring our services to the individual needs, preferences, and goals of our clients.

3. Continuous Training and Development: Our staff participates in ongoing training and development programs to stay updated on best practices and the latest advancements in care.

4. Compliance and Quality Assurance: We maintain rigorous internal quality assurance processes to continuously monitor and improve the quality of our services.

5. Open Communication: We encourage open communication with our clients, their families, and support networks to ensure their feedback is taken into account in our service delivery.

6. Regular Evaluations: We regularly review and evaluate our care plans and service delivery to ensure they align with the highest standards of care.

While we work diligently to uphold a standard of excellence, we eagerly anticipate our future CQC inspection, which will provide an official assessment of our services and offer valuable insights to further enhance the quality of care we provide.